image Moving to the village has had a slower start than we first anticipated. We of course understand now that it will take time to build the trust of the people of Ivanivka and that is what we have slowly but surely been doing. We have thought for some time how we would like to somehow get involved with helping the school that most of the kids of the village attend. Dusya’s daughter, Vala, is there and we have been able to go to her classroom before to bring sweets for her class. But we have been thinking and praying about more involvement. Yesterday we received word that they need some new windows before winter arrives. They need three big ones for of the classrooms, which happens to be Vala’s class. We really would like to help and think this could be a great opportunity to be more involved. It will cost about $450 total for all 3 windows. If you would like to be involved and donate you can click the button below. Thank you so much in advance!

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