Today we were contacted by the Pravdinska Orphanage director about an accident that happened to one of their 2015 graduates. She was asking for financial help for Vitalik, a kid we’ve known for years from the orphanage. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that kids are often kicked out of trade schools due to their bad decisions. We don’t know why, but this has become reality for Vitalik and he was kicked out of the trade school where he was studying in Sumy.

He recently fell from the fourth floor of the trade school dorm while trying to get in. According to what we’ve heard from the orphanage director, he broke his “ribs, jaw, face, pelvis, and injured internal organs.” He is obviously going to need extensive medical help, which will cost him more than he has.

We’re praying for healing, good doctors, and a full recovery from all his injuries. And that this will be something that helps him see the need for a change in his life. But we’re also praying that we can help support him through this and show him God’s love in the long road of recovery that he has ahead. If you would like to help contribute to his medical bills, you can use the link below. We will keep you updated as we hear more about his condition and prognosis.

Vitalik with his graduating class at Pravdinska

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