image-56ae40384411d18e8cac91443beb13d7641dbf1be0d924ac8fd7d1bcaa550533-Vimage-536edeb6981c8b256f55f862e4dc521ce1d3ab25fe5e1b2a5d4e15700955f651-VSummer is fast approaching and that means our team is getting ready to head back to Ukraine. There have been many changes this year, some good and some hard. We recently made the decision to move from the city of Sumy to the village of Ivanivka, where we recently bought a house. This is the same village where the Pravdinska Orphanage is. We have loved Ivanivka for going on 10 years now. We have seen so much need and are excited to help where we can. This is going to be a HUGE change seeing as our house has no running water, functioning toilet, or kitchen. Who doesn’t love camping for an extended period of time?? But on a serious note, we are looking forward to the opportunity to be next to the orphanage and also love on all the people in the village.

image-7f24b9176d4ae6f4900e82e54ecee5c54e200fcc478904c80d86050d8c02eb07-Vimage-a5e4a049fe07c56304161772edba8a9391d729a7048fed4ff445081501e2d4b3-VThere is a lot that’s on our to-do list for the house in order to make it a livable home for our team, as well as a good space to run ministry. Some of it will be work we do ourselves, some we plan to hire locals to help us get done, and some things will just be a series of purchases we need to make for improvements.

If you would like to contribute by purchasing or giving to any of these needs we would be so thankful for your help! Below is a list with estimated costs of some of the specifics we already know we need. Donations can be made with notes for specific items.

image-58c5ff0a74862d15e50e635916fae618908d50072a758f59765dc8b135d78e64-Vimage-cfca50a5597908d16eb16dfd34e1fb269e8d829e5b45026eb77ee2234e5d476a-VSome of the items we need are:
New windows ($400)
Garage roof (estimated cost $500)
Kitchen items:  hot plate ($40), hot pot ($50), table + 4 chairs ($165)
Outdoor items like tented bug net ($345), weed whacker ($100)

imageOf course this is not an exhaustive list; there is always more need than we can put in one place. (We did post the longer list here). And sorry in advance for when we get to the village and realize all the other things we need and ask for later. We are so thankful for any help you can provide and we can’t wait to keep you updated on how our summer village ministry goes!

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