TUESDAY TALES – 09/13/16

imageSince last week’s blog was a little heavy, we thought today we’d share a happier story from our time in Ivanivka. This summer we spent a lot of time at and around our house, doing much needed repairs and replacing of things that were as old as the house (almost 100). We didn’t spend as much time doing organized events or programs in the village as we originally thought we might, but we still saw God moving and preparing hearts for future programs and relationships.

Throughout the summer, we took a lot of walks through our neighborhood. Sometimes alone, sometimes together, often praying for the people of Ivanivka – our neighbors, the families, the kids stuck in neglect, the parents trapped by alcoholism… One day as Chelsea was walking she said a quick hello to a group of kids nearby and they all giggled. One little girl yelled out, “you’re beautiful!” to her as she passed. Not too many days after that, unfortunately after Chelsea had already left to go back to the states, those same kids were playing outside near our house. Melissa heard them from our yard… They had apparently asked around and learned Chelsea’s name because they were standing in the street, loud and clear, yelling “Chelsea!!”

imageIt was a clear reminder and affirmation to us that even though it often feels like we aren’t making an impact, these kids are wanting relationship and waiting for us to reach out. Please be in prayer for us because we are trying to put together a harvest festival for the village kids in October. Stayed tuned for more details and ways you can be involved.

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