Tuesday Tales – 08/02/16

thumb_IMG_8638_1024Expectations are a funny thing. Sometimes they inspire you and push you forward. Other times they can leave you feeling disappointed. We have had a lot of conversations about expectations lately. What we expected this summer to look like. Where we thought ministry would be by now. At first it was easy to become burdened by feelings of disappointment, but through processing together and separately we have been reminded of God’s plan and faithfulness even in the little things.

We have seen God moving slowly and setting the foundation for ministry here in the village. We are hopeful that slowly but surely God will continue to open the doors for revival here in the village of Ivanivka. Reading through Ephesians reminded us of God’s grace and faithfulness. It also reminded us of the call to make the most of every opportunity.

thumb_IMG_8771_1024We have seen God set the foundation as we go on prayer walks and say a simple hello to our neighbors. He is moving through dinner conversations with Dusya and her two kids as we talk about our favorite Bible stories. We see Him moving in the beauty of His creation that surrounds us and the sense of home we have here. God is reminding us that although there have been obstacles and we have not been able to do the camps and things we had expected, He is still faithful. He is still working. Whether it be through connecting with the workers at the market each day, talking to a stranger while swimming in the river, or Sasha being able to talk about God with the man doing our electrical work, He is moving. We also recently connected with the director of the orphanage and received an update about the handful of kids there this summer. It will be exciting to see how God continues to use that relationship.

So while we may not have any “big” news to report, we can tell you that God is still moving and working in our day to day life here in Ivanivka.

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  • Jim says:

    So glad to get some news from the village.
    You have heard that God works in mysterious ways. Well, His speed or timing is His also.
    What we can do is continue to TRUST and pray for his wisdom and guidance.

    That is what we are praying for you all there in the village.

    Love, Jim.

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