If you’re coming here, you’ve probably read our other blog about our house and summer village ministry. If not, go check that one out first. This is just the more extensive list of some of the things we need in the our almost-100-year-old house in Ivanivka to help us run better ministry/make it livable. Some items are necessary, some are more of a wish list for improvement that we don’t necessarily need. But here it is, listed with estimated costs. We’ll be updating this list as items are donated and we figure out what else we need. If you want to donate for a specific item please put a note on your check or use the PayPal donate button below and leave a note in there. (The * means it’s items we’d be better off buying in the states and bringing with us.) Thank you so much!

image-536edeb6981c8b256f55f862e4dc521ce1d3ab25fe5e1b2a5d4e15700955f651-Vimage-a5e4a049fe07c56304161772edba8a9391d729a7048fed4ff445081501e2d4b3-VHome improvement:
new windows ($400)
garage roof ($500)

Kitchen items:
hot plate ($40)
hot pot ($50)
sink x2 ($30/each)
table + 4 chairs ($165)

Outdoor items:
bbq ($200)
swing ($165)imageimage-7f24b9176d4ae6f4900e82e54ecee5c54e200fcc478904c80d86050d8c02eb07-V
tented bug net ($345)
outdoor lights ($30)
weed whacker ($100)

Home items:
fans ($30)
diffusers* ($45)

Personal/health items:
Essential oils*
vitamin B complex*
Biotin*                                                                                                                                                     THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!


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